Mechanic of the sequence (dj_domg) wrote in soundheadspike,
Mechanic of the sequence

Make a wish and blow it out

It all started with this painting I did a few months ago. I'm always sketching cartooning people, so I tried to paint one of them. Not sure how I feel about the final product. The image worked it's way into my head and came out as a playlist. Enjoy


How long am I suppose to wait?
1. The Last Beat of My Heart-Devotchka
2. Can You Tell-Ra Ra Riot
3. Pumpkin Soup-Kate Nash
4. This Is Only for Now-Charlotte Sometimes
5. Better Brother-Madita
6. Man-The Bird & The Bee
7. Party's Over-Nicole Atkins
8. Poison-Martina Topley Bird
9. Maybe-The Submarines
10. Afraid-Bad Veins
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