Mechanic of the sequence (dj_domg) wrote in soundheadspike,
Mechanic of the sequence

You Can't Survive On Ice Cream

Last week the weather was perfect. I left the house in shorts and just wanted to fly a kite in the park or go on a road trip with friends. I searched through my ipod creating an on-the-go playlist that fit my mood that day. It is one of my best compilations I think. Enjoy!


You Can't Survive On Ice Cream
1. Tilly and the Wall-Beat Control
2. The Kills-Cheap and Cheerful
3. The Ting Tings-Great DJ
4. Radio 4-Death of American Radio
5. EZ Basic-Nice1
6. British Sea Power-Waving Flags
7. Heartless Bastards-Gray
8. The Oohlas-Octopus
9. Monsters Are Waiting-Last Goodbye
10. Mighty Lemon Drops-Inside Out
11. Echo and the Bunnymen-Lips Like Sugar
12. The Helio Sequence-Keep Your Eyes Ahead
13. Mighty Six Ninety-I Wonder If I'm Even Here

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