Mechanic of the sequence (dj_domg) wrote in soundheadspike,
Mechanic of the sequence

Patrick Wolf plays Slim's next month!

Mon. June 8, 2009
Patrick Wolf at Slim's
Presented by NYLON Summer Music Tour

After doing some research on the opening acts, I notice that they are an odd pairing for Patrick. The last time he came around Bishi opened for him. Her brand of music complimenting his. I think that he had less to say about the opening acts, since it's presented by Nylon.

First we have Jaguar Love. This guys voice bug the shit out of me. I hope they are the first band so I can miss them.

Next we have the Plastiscines. A french all girl band that I'm curious about. This song is catchy enough to keep my attention.

Then we have Living Things, who I'll be looking into for sure. I've listened to this song like six million times already.

Finally we have Patrick Wolf. Whose current album is a lot more hard hitting than his previous album. He alone is worth the 16 bucks for this show.

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